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to set up an account SIP FREE

Process to be followed:

To enter the parameters in your vYSoo E800 or E900 telephones
1/2 Use the interface Web * of your telephone and login as an Advance_user
* How to go on the interface Web of my vYSoo telephone

Select the SIP tab, followed by the SIP Settings Ensure the exact parameters are entered correctly:

Proxy IP:
Port Proxy: 5060
Enregistrement Proxy IP:
Enregistrement Port Proxy: 5060
IP Proxy sortant:
Port Proxy sortant: 5060
Delais expire: 1800
Display Name: Your choice
Phone number: That of your SIP account
User name: Your phone number
Password: That of your SIP account
codec: Default
Temp Paquets: Par defaut
Relai DTMF: Default
Port UDP: 5060
Port RTP: 8000
Session timer: Default
SIP Format: Default