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vYSoo : The performances until you wait

  • The vYSoo telephones benefits from our advanced technological and control of WiFi technology that bring an exceptional performance level to you.
  • You can use your Quadri-band telephone to communicate everywhere in the world.

  • You benefit from a high level of security (WEP 64/128 Bit & WPA) and of WiFi 802.11 B&G.
  • You benefit from a clear 2.2 " TFT 65K Color LCD Screen, polyphonic ringings, stereophony and vidos in MPEG4 format.

  • These performances do not impact any other functions of your telephones which bring to you 50 hours of use, 3 to 5 hours of talk time, and 3 to 5 hours of video or music.

  • The services and applications available (Skype, MSN, Television, Radio, Video On Demand, remote control of Web Cam for monitoring important sites) are numerous and into continuous evolution.

  • Of course your telephone can also connect to Internet and get your e-mail.