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Comfort and Savings with vYSoo, it's Simple !

Our telephones allow you to automatically reach any WiFi access points (open or protected) within your range. The telephone will memorise the access point and access key (if security is set on the access point and access key is entered). The telephone will be recognised automatically when you enter the range of the access point.
Several access points (homes, offices, friends, hotels, hotspots, restaurants. ) can be memorised on the telephone and once memorised it will enable you to benefit from free or low cost calls of WiFi. As your telephone is automatically connected without intervention from you, so you will always benefit from the best connections.

Comfort and Savings with vYSoo, it's Simple !
The telephone has a familiar web interface of a computer, which makes it easy for navigation and access to all the familiar elements of a computer which you need (address books, switching between SIP & GSM accounts. Finally on E900, your telephone support a micro SD flash card and through USB Mirco SD card reader (included), you can easily transfer any contents stored on your computer and use them on your telephone like video or music.