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vYSoo : Freedom for ALL

So that everyone communicates in an optimal way, Y5 World brings to the members of its community an essential and differentiating value : FREEDOM

  • Freedom to communicate by operator SIP of your choice, to use SKYPE when you wish to, to benefit from the best prices. while preserving an undeniable quality of calls.

  • vYSoo propose to set an exceptional prices of communication for SIP.
  • Of course, everyone will be able to configure SIP platform of their choice (if they meets the required standards of quality), and still use SKYPE or MSN to remain in communication with their groups...

  • Freedom to make savings. without ruining itself
    Vysoo propose a partnership with a financial institution, which will make it possible to finance the acquisition of its telephones spread over monthly payments.
    you be able tester our solution of financing and to discover the price of Freedom

  • Freedom to preserve your operator GSM
    Our WiFi-GSM telephone functions with many of the mobile operators in the Whole world No need to change your operator or ask for to transfer your number, just insert your SIM Card into your telephone and you benefit from GSM when you need to or for cheaper VOIP cals each time you are connected in WiFi.