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Mobile vYSoo E800

Discover the WiFi Mobile which combines Performances and Savings

Thanks to E800 Mobile phone you have a WiFi Mobile which enables you to call and receive calls when you are in a WiFi coverage area and more importantly make savings on your bills.
Some examples, you can call landlines in many countries at lower costs and calls between vYSoo telephones are free, unlimited 24 hours, 7 days a week**

* When communicating with active Wifi connections and vYSoo SIP account.

Download the quick user guide, click here.
For interactive presentation, click here.

Long Battery life:
More than 72 hours.
Hot Spot capability:
Hot Spot auto log in: automatic detection
IE Browser 6.0
Instantaneous message
MSN Talk
Support MP3/MPEG4
Windows Media Player
Stereophonic and 2.2" QVGA TFT screen
Auto Provisioning/Auto configuration
Remote updates of firmware/software, with minimal impact of phone user.
Open Platform SDK SDK available to the customers who wish to write their own application under certain conditions